Carson Greene

Programmer - iOS - Android - C++ - HTML - CSS

Hello! I'm Carson Greene. As you could tell from the header up there, I'm a programmer. I currently operate as an indie developer working on a few projects (which you can see on the Projects page above). My main area of expertise is mobile development (iOS and Android), however I also can write C++ code and HTML/CSS code.

My story with programming began back sometime in middle school, when I got a set of books "choose your own adventure" books. However, these books required readers to write BASIC code to make the correct choice when prompted. This set the gears in motion. Things were accelerated when my mom picked up some Apple hardware: an iPhone 3GS and a MacBook Pro. I was fascinated by both of them. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at coding for iOS.

I picked up some "For Dummies" books, installed Xcode on my mom's MacBook, and got to work. Before I knew it, I was writing code. I wrote plenty of small sample apps, and even two big ones (Warde Schedule and Scales). When Swift came along, I eagerly picked it up and converted the Scales app over to the new language. Somwhere along the line, I got an Android phone. For the longest time, I felt a little hypocritical programming for iOS while carrying its competitor in my pocket. So, during the summer of 2015, I learned Android development, and wrote an Android version of the Scales app. Since then, I've taken a course on C++, and taught myself enough HTML and CSS to write myself this website. As you can see, I try to keep current and constantly expand my skillset.

In addition to being a programmer, it's worth noting that I'm also generally nerdy geek. I've got Linux on all of my personal computers (as to what distro I use, it depends on the day: I've run Arch, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, etc.) including the Mac Pro server (which stays steady on Ubuntu Server for the distro) which I'm hosting this website on (in addition to Emby, Gitlab, ownCloud, YOURLS, Madsonic, PLEX, a mail server, and a VPN), I'm constantly tagged as "Tech Support" by all my friends and family, I enjoy playing video games, watching Doctor Who (I'm on the e-board for my university's club), and reading Game of Thrones. If you ask any of my friends or family, they'll probably all concur: I'm a real geek.

However, I don't always do geeky things. Some hobbies I have outside of the world of geekery include playing clarinet (which I'm studying in addition to Computer Science) and piano, playing golf, and enjoying classical/jazz music (or any other variety of music- my library is very ecclectic. That pretty much wraps up this page! Thanks once again for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!